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the strange animal from the sea

from the book of revelation

the dragon gave its power and authority
to the beast with ten horns and seven heads

I saw the beast emerge from the sea
looking much like a leopard
a crown on every horn
an evil name on each head
its feet like bear claws
and its mouth like a lion

though one of its heads had been slain
the beast returned it to life
amazing all who had seen
moving them to worship
not only the dragon but the beast
going as far to say no army on earth
could wage war against them

the beast boasted and bragged
insulting the lord during its 42 month reign
waging war against his people
until it ruled over every tribe
every race of people
every nation and language

and all those living since the beginning
worshiped the beast
those whose names are not
written in the lamb’s book of life
the very lamb who had been killed

I say to all who have witnessed
these things take heed
for whoever is bound to be a prisoner
will be a prisoner
and whoever kills with the sword
shall die by the sword

may two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the woman and the dragon

from the book of revelation

looking back I saw a woman
dressed much like mother earth
giving birth to a king in the
land of promise and humility

an enormous red dragon
possessing master intelligence
and unchallenged authority
long ago recruited an army of angelic
host to destroy the newborn

and though succeeding at having him
put to death
the child was raised on the third day and
spirited away to his heavenly kingdom

since the deception in the garden
the red dragon has successfully ruled with
fiery abandon against all inhabitants

this mother of earth fled into the desert as
commanded by her lord
hiding from the red dragon during the
time of the great war that began in heaven
a war in which the winged general michael
drove the red dragon and his rebel angels
back to earth where they remained
forever confined

privy to all things seen and unseen
the lord of lords hid his people’s church
in a special place
as well as securing the believing
remnant of israel in the desert
near the dead waters

february two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the angel’s scroll

from the book of revelation

the sixth trumpet soundeth no more
and the clouds
enclosed within the outer dome
rolled in a deathly lull before the storm

like lightning an angel as large as
a million men
stepped through the barrier clouds
left foot landing on soil the other on sea

raising his hands up towards the darkness
the final judgments
unfolded by way of seven peals of thunder
transcribing the terror soon to take place

the lord commanded me to sit back
my pen and paper
grounded as the giant angel called forth
the presence of the seventh trumpeter

as the carnage of his enemies ensued
I was ordered
to take the scroll from the giant angel
and ingest what seemed to be a tasty treat

forced to witness warfare never before
seen on this earth
the scroll in my belly turned pungent as the
nonbelievers struggled to survive this world

november two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


from the book of revelation

hurtling through space indefinitely
it was only a matter of time
before wormwood
reached the outer edges
exploding into a colorfully
destructive rainshower

up above trumpets sounded
and incense burned
angels huddled together
compacting balls of fire
and hurling them onto earth

though many on the surface
perished from such punishment
it was wormwood
that single-handedly wiped out
a third of all living things
both on land
and on sea
and below the sea

and though dust consumed
a third of the sun’s light
supersonic blasts
broke through the haze
telegraphing without question
the worst was yet to come

october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the seven year period

from the book of revelation

the world paused in shock and awe
before assessing the worldwide
infrastructural and
virtual damages from the initial
mind-blowing strikes

communication channels changed
word of mouth traveled at slower speeds
while new intermediaries
were reintroduced into the mad scene

one hundred forty-four thousand in total
the twelve tribes reconvened
ventured out twelve thousand strong each
sent to evangelize the
four corners of the world
using every language in every nation

while the living continued making reparations
the millions of non-believers
(those who had turned into believers but did
not survive the rapture)
stood before the throne
dressed in white and waving palms branches
worshipping and singing praises
ever thankful never to hunger or thirst again

back on earth millions upon millions
were welcomed into the fold
their totals exceeding the sum of
all previous human history
hopeful but uncertain and
unknowing the middle ground
would completely disappear
ushering in the next era
the most perilous times ever

october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

witness to the seals

by john of patmos

from the book of revelation

visions of judgments enter my waking
dreams as seven cryptic messages
appear before my eyes

one by one they reveal abstract images
representing future events

first seal reveals an imposter
unjustly crowned
his hand sweeping change upon the land
his false hopes hidden behind a
white horse winning hearts and minds via
strategically placed holograms

second and third seals let loose
the red horse
aka the war-horse turning
farmlands into graveyards and
nations into ashes
at his heels
lo the black horse
perpetrating wickedness upon the poor

fourth seal unleashes escalating death
paraded methodically by the pale horse
wielding hammer and sickle and
raping the land
systematically burying
one-quarter of every living thing

entering the point of no return
the fifth seal tallies the
price paid by murderous men
killing blindly at any cost
their victims transformed into martyrs
and worshipped by the chosen
few who are reeling and
determined to regroup
bewildered and lamenting
all dressed in white robes

by the time the sixth seal breaks opens
the entire earth shakes
and once dormant volcanos
blacken the sun and redden the moon
and all the leaders of the world
and all the wealthy
and all the faithless
and all those with any means necessary
fearfully evacuate themselves into
deep underground sanctuaries

september two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

I Heard Him on the Radio

from the book of revelation

I heard Him preaching on the radio
streaming from station to station
delivering dire consequences to the
seven churches of the day
straying in their ways by concerning
themselves more with their own
hierarchy and corporate governance than
adhering to their original mission of
loving and serving the Trinity

But to those individuals overcoming their
faults through repentance and devotion
I heard him on the radio promising
manna from the tree of life
crowns and white garments to wear
powers to conquer all nations
pillars made in their name in the temple
and offering them the golden opportunity
to sit alongside the ultimate King

september two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Who’s going to wear my crown?

from the book of revelation

the door in the sky took me by surprise
and at once I wanted to walk through
but gravity overruled my ambitions

though chaos rang through the land
I clearly heard His voice
calling me by reaching out
grabbing the neck of my shirt
and flinging me
effortlessly through space and time

bedazzled before the throne
I was certain I had reached the omega
snatched out of the first century
and inserted into the last

in my attempt to comprehend these
events I recalled His promise
to the church at philadelphia

death will be swallowed up in victory

I stood among millions singing
never-before-heard psalms
and like everyone else
I lifted my crown from atop my head

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

John of Patmos

from the book of revelation

Alone on this prisoner island
the Aegean Sea surrounds me

Pen in hand I sketch images
I could not have fathomed without
divine intervention
delivering unto this world
a final gospel not even the
Authorities can contain

Back in the day we walked as
brothers from sea to mountain
countryside to village to city
healing the sick and raising the dead
like nobody had ever seen

But now all has changed
and I am not worthy to look
Him in the eye
and I find myself falling to my knees
beginning to absorb everything
He has in store

Once settling down I come
to terms with my mission:
sending the seven congregations
a three-part transcript describing
His time on earth
what has transpired since
and how His triumphant return will
supersede the Age of the Church

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Chapter Five

from the book of revelation

the boss
held his possessions closely
encrypted them within seven seals

the pain he must feel
becomes real tears streaming
live down so many faces

pelted with insults his child
refuses to die
reaches out to a world
programmed to never understand
their own ransom

new generations give forth
a sense of promise
offering peace on earth (for the)
next thousand years

newly created criminals
and their invisible entourage
emerge as expected
floating like butterflies and
stinging like bees

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

sixth trumpet

from the book of revelation

the sixth angel stood by
knowing well in advance
once the trumpet had sounded
three plagues would break out
throughout the lands

not a soul seemed to fear
the voice from the four horns
of the golden altar instructing
the release of the four angels
bound at the river euphrates

once cut loose they amassed
two hundred million mounted troops
the horses with heads like lions
spewing fire and smoke and sulfur
directly from their mouths

the riders wore breastplates
of fiery red and dark blue
and yellow like sulfur
their horses transmitting disease
wiping out a third of mankind

despite the carnage the world
refused to repent of murder
and thievery and idol worshiping
neither abandoning magical art
nor the work of their hands

june two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

two messengers

from the book of revelation

the pair sat in lawn chairs
underneath two olive trees
fire spewing from their mouths
consuming any wickedness
strolling up the lane

earlier they had labored
in their pristine garage
sawing and hammering and
finishing two lampstands
to support reflective light

they exacted their prophesy
for forty-two months
flooding an interconnected world
with plagues and bloodware
meant to tame the beast

despite their divine intentions
the beast prevailed in war
emerging from the underworld
and leaving them lifeless
on a street in salem

the people drank and cheered
and burned lawn chairs
in the bottomless pit
dancing around the witnesses
for three and a half days

the earth began to tremble
and a cool wind filled their
bodies with new life
sweeping them off their feet
rising above a city crumbling

may two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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