poetry by j matthew waters

the woman and the dragon

from the book of revelation

looking back I saw a woman
dressed much like mother earth
giving birth to a king in the
land of promise and humility

an enormous red dragon
possessing master intelligence
and unchallenged authority
long ago recruited an army of angelic
host to destroy the newborn

and though succeeding at having him
put to death
the child was raised on the third day and
spirited away to his heavenly kingdom

since the deception in the garden
the red dragon has successfully ruled with
fiery abandon against all inhabitants

this mother of earth fled into the desert as
commanded by her lord
hiding from the red dragon during the
time of the great war that began in heaven
a war in which the winged general michael
drove the red dragon and his rebel angels
back to earth where they remained
forever confined

privy to all things seen and unseen
the lord of lords hid his people’s church
in a special place
as well as securing the believing
remnant of israel in the desert
near the dead waters

february two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “the woman and the dragon

  1. Always look forward to more revelations from you, John – this is splendid

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