poetry by j matthew waters

long live the encore

there is death in the desert
and death in the sea

there is death in the streets of paris
and on the avenue of the saints

in the halls of washington the president
designs death in new ways
and those around him applaud
and he smiles

in the meantime he decries death in the theater
and death in the schools

and his people will pretend they don’t know
what is causing all the death

they are too busy with their own superficial lives
to question why army drones are supplying weapons
to enemy camps and into the
hands of every enemy of every nation

they are numb to the concept of violent death
because it is simply ingrained into their psyche
and they spoon-feed it to their children
in the form of horrific death on television screens
on movie screens and computer screens
on the tiniest of handheld screens

the idea of mass death does not faze them
and when a day goes by without it
they think something must be wrong

and when dreamers talk of peace they laugh
because they know peace is unnatural
and takes too much effort to pull off

and so death simply goes on

long after the final curtain call

november two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “long live the encore

  1. Laughing off peace… I think you are right, and there is way too much jobs in making guns.

  2. bravo post and hope a new prez will change things

  3. Such a fabulous wake up call. Might I have your permission to post on Artists4Peace?

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