poetry by j matthew waters

the death of a silvery blue spruce

they rolled into the cul-de-sac
on a cold and lifeless monday morning
equipped with trucks and chains
saws and chippers and ropes
called upon to put to an end
what seemed to be an eternal bond

in her glory days she stood
taller than a timeless story
beckoning christmastime carolers
on the longest of nights
lifting the spirits of the dead
lighting the neighborhood in primary colors
bursting from within teardrop shaped bulbs

I loved her now like I loved her then
her indiscriminate arms
folding and weeping
forever welcoming weary souls
needing a winter place to call home

Note: this poem prompted by Poetics: Secrets of the Universe via dVerse Pub

december two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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21 thoughts on “the death of a silvery blue spruce

  1. I feel sad when I see those trees marked X and then chopped down ~ The personification of the tree is full of warmth, like a loving parent ~ The ending verses is very moving for me ~

    Thanks for joining in and wishing you happy week ~

  2. her indiscriminate arms
    folding and weeping
    – love that line…nicely done!

  3. Oh how sad this made me, being such a lover of trees and so appreciative of their presence and all they give. There is a stand of cedars on our property that have at times sheltered me as it has the small seeking creatures who come to them. Lovely poem and thought.

  4. I’m always saddened when a tree has to be cut down. I love your poem and how the tree took on the characteristics of a mother gathering her children in her arms.
    Gayle ~

  5. I really liked this one… A tree like that is a part of family, cutting down is like carving out a piece of yourself.. In your last stanza it’s like being at the wake…

  6. Beautiful…… especially adore the closing lines 🙂

  7. This is beautiful and sad. That last stanza is wonderful.

  8. this hurts me- we lost an old maple tree in our front yard this year, have planted desertscape because of the drought we have had. You create a lot of atmosphere in this poem.

  9. This is beautiful John, and sad! Strangely, I just saw a couple of trees cut down opposite where I live too. They were inappropriately planted about six feet from the windows of some flats, fine when they were young, but had grown out of proportion. Inevitable I guess for them to be cut down one day. Kind of gave me a uneasy feeling watching it though. 😐

  10. So sorrowful, yet lovely. I mourn the loss with you.

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