poetry by j matthew waters

In Search of Clues in Phoenix

In the sink there is a teacup
half filled with water
while on the drying rack
there is a perfect match
upside down and clean

I understand twenty questions
is just a game
but so is jenga and jacks
each requiring simple dexterity
and a playing partner

When you didn’t show up
I figured I’d gotten it wrong
but when rechecking the facts
discovered my recordkeeping
perhaps was incomplete

Like a child raising his hand
dying to answer the question
I become void of thought
incapable of speech
when called upon

Blindly crawling in the dark
I shift through ashes
of bones and feathers
sniffing for that elusive spark
certain to bring you back

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “In Search of Clues in Phoenix

  1. This has to be my new favorite of you.. the image of the child waiting to answer a question is so perfect … Stunning John

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