poetry by j matthew waters

Ciudad de México

To this day pieces of my past
remain scattered
in the Valley of Mexico
consumed into the warm soft clay

When you said you didn’t love me
lightning struck
three times in the distance
portending tears of a sad affair

In Mexico City I remained
for years on end
taking to the streets
smiling and laughing and enjoying
the companionship
of a compassionate people
accepting the art and music
and language and history as my own
living a lie that my heart
had never been broken

View the Spanish translation version by Lina Ru by clicking here

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “Ciudad de México

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  2. That’s a beautiful poem John, so sorry I missed it in January. Didn’t realise I had missed any of yours. Might be when I took xmas New Year break, that would make sense. Glad you linked to it here! 🙂

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