poetry by j matthew waters

snow covered driveways

in the winter I move my
badass twenty-speed road bike
out of the garage and
down to the basement where
it hangs out of sight and mind

when the next morning arrives
I take to the streets on foot
dressed in layers so not
one part of my old body gets cold
except for maybe my cheeks

some days the streets are better
options than sidewalks
because so many lazy neighbors
can’t seem to properly clear them off

you can tell a lot about a neighbor
by looking at their sidewalks and driveways

when driveways remain snow-covered
for days on end
it tells you they’re either down in florida
yukking it up with the joneses
drinking arnold palmers and
never giving it a thought if the neighbor kid
was actually earning his keep
or they’re hopelessly homebound
deathly ill or worse yet
dead and gone
without a soul in the world
wondering where they are

january two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “snow covered driveways

  1. Alas.. we do not notice these little signs driving 4×4:s

  2. Ileana on said:

    Te pretuiesc pentru ca imi intri direct in inima , bajbaind prin bezna neputintei mele, si scoti la lumina doar acele mici comori ale sufletului pe care nimeni altcineva nu le-a cautat atat de departe…
    I appreciate because I go to the heart, groping through the darkness of my helplessness, and bring out those little treasures of the soul just that nobody else has looked so far away …

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