poetry by j matthew waters

she stood at the top of the stairway

opening the front door
the foyer gave way
to the intricately woven staircase
the bottom board wider than a mile

each riser was narrower
than the previous one
each step velveted in red

she stood at the top in her
baby blue evening gown
strapless and bell-shaped
from the waist down

she twirled and curtsied
and blew kisses
from the palms of her hands
wet kisses that floated into
sweet nothingness

she did not want to descend
did not want to walk down
one slow step at a time
revealing to all those below
her inner beauty
her flawless imperfections
destined to revolve into her
next reincarnation

march two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “she stood at the top of the stairway

  1. Flawless imperfections – a wonderful image of life.

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