poetry by j matthew waters

an army of one

I sat documenting a million lives
stretched across the globe
not kings or queens
but mere men and women and children
lost in pages of history
     only to be reborn
           centuries later
void of memory but striving
to improve their worth to a god
seldom offering second chances

time and again they returned
to earth much like wayward souls
unable to let go
cast down by a god convinced
they will one day lay down their arms
and see for themselves
there is love for all the ages

march two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “an army of one

  1. Great piece! Nice audio as well! Well done brother.

  2. We can see this as history continues to repeat itself, almost as if ghosts continue to revisit us. Really great poem.

  3. God gives us so many second chances at peace, but it seems we use that time merely to perfect the art of war. Nevertheless, your poem ends on a note of hope, very uplifting.

    Very well written, as always.

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