poetry by j matthew waters

a window to your soul

the cold has promised to come
and all I can think of
are the windows

the second story is burning
the attic fan turning
attempting to cool
that which never will

I told everyone who would listen
I don’t belong here
not where glaciers melt
before my very eyes
not where arctic blasts
are merely sticks of dynamite

and in the meantime
all I can think of are the windows
wide open
inviting the inevitable

may two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “a window to your soul

  1. Morgan M Byers on said:

    You have beautiful poems on your blog I love it

  2. There’s something melodic in the first stanza. Love or life can be a slow burn (out) sometimes.

  3. Morgan M Byers on said:

    Hi I hope you could use the lines of a poem I sent you through email. I trust you’ll create something wonderful let me know how it turns out I’d love to read it.

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