poetry by j matthew waters

Enough of silly love songs

by Morgan M Byers & J Matthew Waters

It’s the way you must be feeling
guarded and shielded
my love unable to reach you

How I hate to be broken
the one who has loved you
since the beginning of time

I am willing to be patient
standing outside your heart
waiting for you to accept me

Standing along your shore
I watch how the rest of the world
reaches out to touch you

Pretending not to hurt
I patiently wait for permission
to give you the love you deserve

may two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “Enough of silly love songs

  1. Morgan M Byers on said:

    Amazing poem I am very happy with what you have written so well done my friend blessings to you and thank you once again for wanting to collaborate with me we will do it again.

  2. medisonhutchinson on said:

    Beautiful 🦋✨️

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