poetry by j matthew waters

in the land of free-for-alls and firearms

summer’s promise has been smashed into
irreparable pieces
swept into the gutter along with man’s mortal sins
unable to be washed away
even by torrential rains

the pursuit of happiness is just a dying thought
riddled with contradictions

kings clench their fists and promise
real change will come
but the people in the streets shake their heads
weeping for the dead with brooms in hand

that all men are created equal they know
to be untrue
as are the history books justifying
the massacre of native peoples
and the legality of human slavery

oh America why have thou failed so many
foolishly feeding
the machine of mass destruction
your people afraid to leave their homes
a people starving for peace and love
and understanding
unconcerned with hollow words
on an idle document

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “in the land of free-for-alls and firearms

  1. Really stellar poem though such a heart breaking indictment of America 2016

  2. I am scared of the future… not from changes but from the resistance to change.

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