poetry by j matthew waters

he sure plays mean pinball

it’s friday night and I should be brushing
up on my pinball prowess

my disciples lately have been frowning
upon my lack of attention to details

oh the hell with them
and oh the hell with all of them
they prey on my abilities to no end
only becoming frustrated themselves
turning back time or should I say
turning inward
and begging for forgiveness

the world is like a simmering pot
of stone soup
royal chefs and political strategists
stirring in their own special interests
(making it only taste worse)

in the meantime
there is a worldwide distraction
on television screens
and the internet of things
courtesy of one unchallenged man
deaf and dumb and favorably blind

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “he sure plays mean pinball

  1. What do you think the world wants/needs? I agree with your pinballing approach. 🙂

  2. Our world is changing and it’s hard to keep focused to the real importance… there’s no app for that.

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