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the wary boy preferred
the shadows
learned early on how to stay
barely above the surface
carefully picking all the data
he would ever need

the lonely girl caught on
to his movements
emulating habits & methods
taking notes as she went
molding & crafting them
into her very own

at one point both noticed
a little yellow bird
sporting a brand new song
an emphasis of sorts
shining a light on their faces
for all the world to see

march two thousand twenty-three
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

he sure plays mean pinball

it’s friday night and I should be brushing
up on my pinball prowess

my disciples lately have been frowning
upon my lack of attention to details

oh the hell with them
and oh the hell with all of them
they prey on my abilities to no end
only becoming frustrated themselves
turning back time or should I say
turning inward
and begging for forgiveness

the world is like a simmering pot
of stone soup
royal chefs and political strategists
stirring in their own special interests
(making it only taste worse)

in the meantime
there is a worldwide distraction
on television screens
and the internet of things
courtesy of one unchallenged man
deaf and dumb and favorably blind

october two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

a tale of two long-shots

there’s something special about the underdog
how he manages to overcome the odds
beating a superior opponent
via intellect and luck
and lifting the spirits
of all the little people of the world

contrary to the underdog the dark horse
arrives out of thin air
achieving complete dominance
in stunning fashion
at times cheered by all of society
at times despised by every single side

october two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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