poetry by j matthew waters

places buried in the past

I did not know her
but I was compelled
to find her final resting place

it was a bright but cold december day
but I kept warm in the car
driving mindlessly past corn fields
mile after mile after mile
stripped clean yet ruggedly barren

the interstate traffic was heavy
and I wondered how many seekers
if any
had set off on a journey
to find her final resting place

google maps told me how to get there
but I only had to read the directions once

and when I got there
it was as if I had been there all along

december two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “places buried in the past

  1. An impromptu haiku

    Genealogical hunting for the past
    Families seeking, hoping to reconnect across centuries
    Sometimes finding an old home.

  2. gypsy snow on said:

    You have this uncanny ability to tell just the right pieces of a story to leave me dying to find out the sections I don’t know.

  3. This is beautiful, mystery man. I relate to it but I’m sure your story is much different than mine

  4. I agree, it’s what isn’t told that make up the true poetry.

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