poetry by j matthew waters

apache helicopter down

the helicopter crashed on the side
of a hill on a sheep farm

the sheepdog was the first to arrive
followed by the sheep themselves
and finally the shepherd

the dog sniffed all the way around
the main part of the mangled mess
marking it here and there for good measure

most of the sheep vied for position
for a look-see in the cockpit
but it was vacant

“they must have jumped out before
it crashed” the shepherd murmured
under his raspy breath

there they stood on the hill
the shepherd scratching his head
and the sheepdog licking his balls
the sheep themselves looking
down at the village where the
peaceful inhabitants once lived

february two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “apache helicopter down

  1. A giggle at the sheep and a somber war scene. You meld them together so well

  2. This is like a film playing… the sheepdog licking his balls is especially apt.

  3. Love your creativity. Fabulous. You’re a good reader too.

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