poetry by j matthew waters

the alpha wizard

was it the wire or the tree
or wayward balloons
bursting the ceiling
allowing meteoric pulses to
enter the atmosphere

was it the whiskey
or the rye
that sparked something
out of nothing
like lightning in the sky

throwback man
walks around half-naked
carrying torch by daylight
poking sticks at stars by night

extending arms high above his head
he spreads his fingers wide
electrically connecting dots
whether seen or unseen
from the nondescript beginning
to an imaginary end

february two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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10 thoughts on “the alpha wizard

  1. very magical

    might’ve been the gin…they say it does things to the mind

  2. I was on the journey of your poem… and felt nice to finish it. Thanks

  3. Oh! Interesting and beautiful. There was everything in it. There was an element of science when you say, electrically connected,and a nice flow of poetry. Beautifully composed.

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