poetry by j matthew waters

the invasion of invisible aliens

standing at the corner of 1st & 3rd
waiting for the light to turn green
fingers tumble down pockets
only to resurface empty-handed

unnoticed by the masses
newly born immigrants jaywalk
these inner city streets
crossing four lanes once occupied
by gas-powered vehicles

I’m told they’re everywhere
but mostly inside your head
emptying out your pockets like
some sort of arcane video game

I used to walk the streets at night
but it became too bright
making me feel like a second class citizen
like a moving target dodging
in and out of alleyways

february two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “the invasion of invisible aliens

  1. I love the last two stanzas!

  2. I love reading poetry, it’s because I get to read such beautiful poems as this.

  3. The invisible ones are the most terrifying.

  4. Yes it’s mostly the one inside your head that’s worst.

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