poetry by j matthew waters

staging an abduction

it seemed like yesterday you said
fear sweet talking people
steer clear their way

but the next day you were gone
abducted some say
by an alien troupe

months passed before we decided
to sell your stuff on ebay
(except for the whisky and blue jeans)
though later became confident
it was you who bought them

each year on the eve of your disappearance
most all the neighbors
put a candle in the window
but as time passed
nearly nobody knew why

july two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “staging an abduction

  1. Some people simply want to disappear

  2. Love this one… I watched a documentary on the Roswell affair… which led me to the “Alien Autopsy” (hoax, of course).. But all that information: well I am still processing it… I mean: what if!?… As always, great poetry here, xx sending love & best wishes ⭐

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