poetry by j matthew waters

there comes a time

rumor had it Sir Isaac Newton
moved back downtown
ate and drank and conversed
amongst the commoners

early in the morning he walked
against the grain
waving at joggers he met
along the way to green square

there the rays of the rising sun
warmed the giant circular sculpture
made of copper and radiating

and there he sat
taking notes and making drawings
looking up and looking down
and looking straight away
convinced he could solve it all
if only he had more time

july two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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12 thoughts on “there comes a time

  1. denise0904 on said:

    there never seems to be enough time, maybe what you do with what you have is the important thing. my inspirational comment for today..hehe

  2. convinced he could solve it all
    if only he had the time

    As a scientist he should know that as technology advanced through the ages so did the ability to expand knowledge and understanding and that he was limited by his time and place in the evolution of future scientific advances. How could he figure out the things that would not be known until hundreds of years in the future ? Ultimate hubris. He has limitations in his own time. Did he master music, painting, sculpture, languages, archaeology ?

  3. Shawna on said:

    The wisdom in this piece, I think, is knowing when to walk, and when to sit still; when to immerse yourself in the social world, and when to jog away from it. If you can master these things, maybe you can, 1) “find” more time, and 2) discover/solve/invent/deduce.

  4. “made of copper and radiating”…nice.

  5. Time is relative – but he needs to ask Einstein about that.

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