poetry by j matthew waters

New daydreams and old doodlings

In the darkroom I develop images buried
somewhere in the second grade

Missus Munster was into rhymes and repetition
and her students were good at following instructions

I particularly enjoyed an occasional spelling bee
clearly recall how one time
one of the girls couldn’t answer
instead simply cried as she peed down her leg

Funny thing is I don’t remember anybody laughing
only Missus Munster whisking her off her feet
and straight out the door

I just sit there with my number two pencil and paper
remaking the scene into a black & white photograph

november two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “New daydreams and old doodlings

  1. This is really good. I love what you did with “number two.”

  2. I actually remember when I peed in the gym… and I do remember people laughing… (many years after)

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