poetry by j matthew waters

bluebird missing outside my window

today I shall shed a tear
and attempt this thing
called poetry

a half a world away
you lived
though I swear you were
next door
scratching out words
for all the world to read
one morning
one day
one night at a time

there comes a time
when the bird no longer
tweets her morning song
and is it then you come to realize
we’re no different from one another
no different than the branch
is to the bough
no different than the song
is to the bird
more melodious than ever
lamenting outside
our southern window

march two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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8 thoughts on “bluebird missing outside my window

  1. I read this, through my tears, as a visceral response to the events in Christchurch. Thank you for your words and thoughts. My muse has fled in horror.

  2. I love this, it has beauty birds and trees. What more could any poet want.

  3. jmbhatt on said:

    Wonderful write indeed!!

  4. there comes a time
    when the bird no longer
    tweets her morning song

    A poignant metaphor for so many things which have evaporated out of our lives. There is no replacement except for the hopeful promise of new things.

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