poetry by j matthew waters

falling through seminal cracks

I don’t necessarily need more space
au contraire I need less of it
needing to declutter my surroundings
including what’s inside my head
leaves me to ponder how in the world
one goes about deleting permanent records

très bizarre our french teacher at the
university used to declare in earnest
her collective gathering nodding in agreement
mesmerized by her beauty
and wonderful command of the language

way back when there was no such thing as space
everything was wide open and accessible
whether here on earth or far beyond the clouds
whether miles underground or on the high seas
nothing was capable of holding us back

but today oh today how everything has changed
and I find myself investigating all the cracks
I once took for granted or never noticed
voluntarily falling to my hands and knees
calling out for anyone who may have fallen through
asking repeatedly parlez-vous anglais

february two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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