poetry by j matthew waters

standing in line

yes it’s true the world is dying
[is always dying]
and we are a witness to its death
[its glorious death]
a slow and painstaking process
mysteriously inevitable
and eternally unanswerable

the airports are nearly empty
and the streets eerily silent
filled with long lines of masked pantomimes
arms extended and palms open
shadowed closely by feathery creatures
unable to fly and feverishly
sweeping up the crumbs

high above the skyscrapers
far beyond the tallest of trees
patches of blue begin to emerge
perhaps a sign of better times yet to come
or simply a figment
of every child’s imagination

february two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “standing in line

  1. Utterly fabulous write.

  2. gloomy reality…but there is a ray of hope in the last stanza. Hope it would not turn out to be a child’s desire.

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