poetry by j matthew waters

putting the wheels in motion

it’s past midnight
but the night is still young
well lit by a fattening moon

we meet by chance at the ranch
you arriving unannounced
me home on spring break
a few grain belts and half pack of
winstons all that’s left

we’re not exactly using our inside voices
but whoever happens to be here
is fast asleep on the second floor

it’s so much easier
to keep the lights on than not
easier to fuel up in the kitchen before
hitting the road for the river
a quick stop along the way
a twelve-pack and smokes
and whatever it is the man says
the catfish are striking

february two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “putting the wheels in motion

  1. I love love LOVED hearing you read this! Not only is your voice… um, yeah, wonderful but it just an extra depth to the poem. Awesome.

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