poetry by j matthew waters

nyctinasty [or where the poppy fields burn]

we start & we stop & we start again
I mean everyone needs to rest & refuel
before getting back in on the action

it seems like everyone’s wearing masks
either protecting themselves or others
but perhaps for other reasons entirely
big brother capturing the action on video
sometimes from as far away as 5oo miles

meanwhile beyond the cities poppy fields
live & die year after year after year
folding themselves in on cool summer nights
only to reopen come the morning light

june two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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7 thoughts on “nyctinasty [or where the poppy fields burn]

  1. Hello there, Jdub … I feel the emotion in your last three poems; whether we live in Australia or the US, or anywhere else on this beautiful planet, it is a time for a reckoning; where is humanity headed? Take care my friend.

  2. Beautiful words, John. It’s surreal how things have changed in our world, and yet, some things like the poppies go about their normal routine. And I’ve really loved the vibrant orange poppies this year. All the flowers have seemed more vibrant and present than before. Or maybe I’m just paying better attention. 🙂

  3. so true. We can’t even breathe nature’s fresh air or admire and inhale flowers. Hope at least 2021 will be normal.

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