poetry by j matthew waters

on becoming the bullgod

in the ninth count of every seven years
you’re reaching out to the bullgod for some reason

there’s no answer but you keep hitting redial
intent on making a connection for some reason

back in the first cycle you were a one-boy army
protecting your turf & sanity for some reason

it doesn’t matter if anybody understands the lyrics
you always saddle back up for some reason

from fourteen to twenty-one to twenty-eight (etc etc)
you subconsciously regress for some reason

adding & subtracting and multiplying & dividing
thoughts & prayers aren’t enough for some reason

violent explosions shoot molecular pieces into the air
falling down like nuclear snow for some reason

lately you fiddle with tubed televisions & amplifiers
thinking the bullgod is your ticket out for some reason

june two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “on becoming the bullgod

  1. Thought provoking intresting

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