poetry by j matthew waters

how I got there

my father doesn’t want to die
oh no he is not afraid
after all his friends are all gone

I visit as often as time allows
90 miles from portal to portal
midway point at Big Rock

he revealed to me the route
not too many years ago
and now with every visit
he asks me how I got there

january two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “how I got there

  1. I understand this completely. My wife’s father got Alzheimer’s several years ago and when we visited he always asked us the same questions over and over.

  2. Parents moved in with me 2002. Mother passed 2012. Father, 97, still with me and of sound mind. It’s going to be so empty and horrible when he’s gone and I’m all alone in this house. He’s become more than my father: my friend, pal, roommate and reason for living. I’ll have to be thankful for so many years together under the same roof.

  3. Beautiful, raw, and so poignant. It’s tragic how they age…

  4. That is deeply touching and beautiful!

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