poetry by j matthew waters

on the side of a highway

writing doesn’t come easy to me
especially when you sneak
into my poetry
like a cat without a shadow

once you told me a little innuendo
goes a long way
then a week goes by
without a word or a wink
as if there isn’t anything to live for

but isn’t that what poetry
is all about
making something out of nothing
pulling words out of thin air
and throwing them against
your invisible brick wall

in the early morning hours
there you are
stabbing them with your picker
and sticking them
into your satchel
like a prisoner on the side
of a highway

january two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “on the side of a highway

  1. Or a herbalist gathering the curing herbs… I really love this one. Somehow or another, I can *feel* the lines. They become real and tangible to me.

  2. I love this poem, too, John. Wonderful images you create with your words.

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