poetry by j matthew waters

a waste of my precious time

there’s nothing to do here
all the windows need cleaning
looking out
past the tree tops
the sky is blue & red & green

the circus is in town
or is it the carnival
on saturday the farmer’s market
arrives downtown
it’s kind of like a moveable feast
or so I tell people
and mostly a waste of my precious time

there’s nothing to do here
don’t bother coming
paradise left back in the late sixties
now there’s just a bunch of nothing
going on
I can personally testify

the ballclub from fort wayne
rolled into town last night
I heard they’ll probably kick our ass

to boot some sort of pop rock band
is playing at sundown
at the outdoor amphitheater

I’m sure the place will be packed

august two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “a waste of my precious time

  1. Ahhh how the world changes throughout the years.

  2. thanks for sharing…

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