poetry by j matthew waters

counting down to creation


I remember we were inside
looking out
quite the difference
from the days before when everything
seemed so chaotic
the whirling of the winds
the scorching heat
& the freezing rains
I remember telling myself
believe it or not
this place is most hospitable


lions & tigers
pitted against a she bear
& her cubs
humans wearing animal hides
predators looking to kill
real time contests in coliseums
much later played out
in fields of dreams


flying fish
and sea urchins
olly olly oxen free
show your face miss nellie
for all the world to see


who wants to sing to the moon
and pray to the sun
who wants to watch the stars
falling from the sky
children let loose with their mason jars
running as hard as they can
and cheering as loud as can be
collecting souvenirs one by one


we’ve been planting new things
each & every fall & spring
bulbs & seeds & saplings
bushes & shrubs & butterfly weed
and in the winter months
sunflower seeds await in the dark
in the cupboard
dreaming of being scattered


I keep telling the youngsters
soon you will see
your very first rainbow
and then you will understand
there is more to life than color


in the beginning
there was a flashlight
powered by sunlight
and we were under the covers
flipping the latest comic book
whispering & laughing
but not too loudly

august two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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5 thoughts on “counting down to creation

  1. I LOVE this John!! Really, really great piece.

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