poetry by j matthew waters

finding out sooner than later

sure you can start all over again
but it will have to be in a new body

which do you prefer this time
tall & dark & handsome
athletic or wirey or robust
perhaps a shy woman
putting to song the saddest
poetry ever written

sure you can start all over again
but you may not remember
the life you left behind

or perhaps you’d like to come back
with a certain kind of awareness
the god of rebirth giving you clues
of who you once were

and when you become of age
the new you suddenly
becomes obsessed
peeling back layer upon layer
like a genealogist
that proverbial onion having you
burning candles at both ends

scouring the information superhighway
soon you’ll face your next demise

april two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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3 thoughts on “finding out sooner than later

  1. This is great, John. Much to think about.

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