poetry by j matthew waters

building an ark from scratch

it’s late evening
& I’ve not yet turned
a page

a sheet of paper
blank or lined

a young male servant
or messenger
delivering bad news
by way of wise men


the dam is doomed to fail
or so the story goes
a flood of words deluging
on a sheet of ice
a great sea frozen
over time
is sure to thaw

sun falls further into the sea
the sea becoming
over generational time


for no apparent reason
someone who has never set sail
begins building an ark from scratch

april two thousand twenty-two
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “building an ark from scratch

  1. “a sheet of paper
    blank or lined”

    I have a love hate relationship with these lines of late…lol one thing that is constant here on WordPress is you, I can stay gone for months, honestly sometimes a whole year and I come back and you are still here, writing. Warms my heart! ❤

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