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the angel’s scroll

from the book of revelation

the sixth trumpet soundeth no more
and the clouds
enclosed within the outer dome
rolled in a deathly lull before the storm

like lightning an angel as large as
a million men
stepped through the barrier clouds
left foot landing on soil the other on sea

raising his hands up towards the darkness
the final judgments
unfolded by way of seven peals of thunder
transcribing the terror soon to take place

the lord commanded me to sit back
my pen and paper
grounded as the giant angel called forth
the presence of the seventh trumpeter

as the carnage of his enemies ensued
I was ordered
to take the scroll from the giant angel
and ingest what seemed to be a tasty treat

forced to witness warfare never before
seen on this earth
the scroll in my belly turned pungent as the
nonbelievers struggled to survive this world

november two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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