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in disbelief

my friend walks on thin air
carrying a box
wrapped like a present
kelly green with white sparkles
laced with red ribbon

it doesn’t matter what’s inside
be it witchcraft
or magic beans
perhaps a talisman
or winter snowstorm

my friend opens her heart
the rest of us
gazing at night sky
and blinking repeatedly
counting each and every star

november two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserve

no goodbyes here

I play this rock and roll
is how you see things
spreading your philosophy
to those drifting into or
near your path

somewhere along the line
there were lawsuits and
birthday parties
and many a prescription filled
selling cars off virtual lots
to pay for it all
all the while pretending
to be in other places

nearing forty years now
you magically appear out of the
proverbial atmosphere
same eyes and smile and laugh
same angry bird
chirping on my shoulder
thankfully reminding me there are
no goodbyes here
not as long as you
have anything to do with it

april two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

billy loved apple pie

billy died on a sunday
and he never did get a proper
burial. fact is, nobody
knew exactly what happened
to his remains.

a bunch of his buddies
decided to get together one day
and followed a funeral procession
on foot. they were well equipped
with beer on ice
and hash under glass,
not to mention a few packs of smokes.

when the preacher finished
anointing the grave
with oils and incense,
someone beyond the bushes
cracked a joke
about how billy used to love
to smell his finger
after he’d got some.

nobody was ever sure
who really got buried that day,
but everyone knew
soon there would be pie.

march two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Untitled – Circa 1984

Dedicated to Gary W. Keena
March 1, 1952 – February 1, 2013

What have you to live for
before you leave this world? before you’re on your own?
What cause will you die for
in your final hour? at your greatest need?

Tell me before you leave, what have you to say?
Tell me of the lonely riddle and the unknown way.

Old man, sit up straight,
don’t cough away your life…don’t hide your eyes.
Listen to my words of wonder;
do they matter? who really cares?

Answer me one question
before you leave this world…to satisfy my fear.
Tell me if you know
where you’re going next…tell me of paradise.

Today, today, it yearns for yesterday;
take me back one day so I might know the secret of creation.

Tell me before you leave, what have you to say?
Tell me of the lonely riddle and the unknown way.

About Gary

Poetry Video

recorded and posted february second two thousand thirteen
originally written circa nineteen eighty-four
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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