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one Saturday in early April

sitting in the shadows
I work on poetry
because I’ve got nothing
left to do

our good friend Greg
is buried in Mt. Calvary
beside his father
(I know this because
I was a witness)

it was a reunion of sorts
for the remaining three of us
reunited from divergent points
by way of the big chill

there was no service
and beforehand we met
over coffee
recollecting history
followed by revisiting
old places under new ownership

at the end of the day
I found myself exactly
where I started
sitting in the shadows
and working on poetry

march two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

no goodbyes here

I play this rock and roll
is how you see things
spreading your philosophy
to those drifting into or
near your path

somewhere along the line
there were lawsuits and
birthday parties
and many a prescription filled
selling cars off virtual lots
to pay for it all
all the while pretending
to be in other places

nearing forty years now
you magically appear out of the
proverbial atmosphere
same eyes and smile and laugh
same angry bird
chirping on my shoulder
thankfully reminding me there are
no goodbyes here
not as long as you
have anything to do with it

april two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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