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witness to the seals

by john of patmos

from the book of revelation

visions of judgments enter my waking
dreams as seven cryptic messages
appear before my eyes

one by one they reveal abstract images
representing future events

first seal reveals an imposter
unjustly crowned
his hand sweeping change upon the land
his false hopes hidden behind a
white horse winning hearts and minds via
strategically placed holograms

second and third seals let loose
the red horse
aka the war-horse turning
farmlands into graveyards and
nations into ashes
at his heels
lo the black horse
perpetrating wickedness upon the poor

fourth seal unleashes escalating death
paraded methodically by the pale horse
wielding hammer and sickle and
raping the land
systematically burying
one-quarter of every living thing

entering the point of no return
the fifth seal tallies the
price paid by murderous men
killing blindly at any cost
their victims transformed into martyrs
and worshipped by the chosen
few who are reeling and
determined to regroup
bewildered and lamenting
all dressed in white robes

by the time the sixth seal breaks opens
the entire earth shakes
and once dormant volcanos
blacken the sun and redden the moon
and all the leaders of the world
and all the wealthy
and all the faithless
and all those with any means necessary
fearfully evacuate themselves into
deep underground sanctuaries

september two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

John of Patmos

from the book of revelation

Alone on this prisoner island
the Aegean Sea surrounds me

Pen in hand I sketch images
I could not have fathomed without
divine intervention
delivering unto this world
a final gospel not even the
Authorities can contain

Back in the day we walked as
brothers from sea to mountain
countryside to village to city
healing the sick and raising the dead
like nobody had ever seen

But now all has changed
and I am not worthy to look
Him in the eye
and I find myself falling to my knees
beginning to absorb everything
He has in store

Once settling down I come
to terms with my mission:
sending the seven congregations
a three-part transcript describing
His time on earth
what has transpired since
and how His triumphant return will
supersede the Age of the Church

august two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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