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counting the days

tomorrow’s may day
and here I am boiling eggs
and weaving wicker baskets

I’ve not slept for nights
worrying how I’ll get everything
done in time
30 color markers all lined up
in a row

sometimes it seems like
it’s rained all month long
reminding me of biblical
stories and recent
real life events

though the end always
remains in sight
brighter days are certain to
lie ahead
and what’s transpired
these past thirty days
[though somewhat transitory]
are anything but an illusion

april two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

April Sunrise

I shall miss you and pray to revisit another day

These past thirty evenings have given me pause
as I come to terms with my own lunatic thoughts
constantly giving chase to fleeting ideas
circling the globe in unpredictable fashion

I’ve decided competition is less important
than respectfully counting your blessings
and if you learn to start your day in earnest
you may discover endless sunrises to worship

april two thousand eighteen
copyright j matthew waters
all right reserved

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