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unwelcomed back home

self-proclaimed prophet travels
by foot from town to town
preferring the company of commoners
freely imbibing at their
favorite places of nightly worship

passages freely flow by heart
finding favor with patrons
cheering and praising his warnings
vehemently believing
until the hour that the morning comes

signs of the times remain unchanged
he would oft repeat himself
drifting to the next town by moonlight
abstinent and confident
acceptance is but a stone’s throw away

may two thousand seventeen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

two messengers

from the book of revelation

the pair sat in lawn chairs
underneath two olive trees
fire spewing from their mouths
consuming any wickedness
strolling up the lane

earlier they had labored
in their pristine garage
sawing and hammering and
finishing two lampstands
to support reflective light

they exacted their prophesy
for forty-two months
flooding an interconnected world
with plagues and bloodware
meant to tame the beast

despite their divine intentions
the beast prevailed in war
emerging from the underworld
and leaving them lifeless
on a street in salem

the people drank and cheered
and burned lawn chairs
in the bottomless pit
dancing around the witnesses
for three and a half days

the earth began to tremble
and a cool wind filled their
bodies with new life
sweeping them off their feet
rising above a city crumbling

may two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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