poetry by j matthew waters

your poem

I burned your image
in my mind
like charcoal lead
on cottony white paper

I painted your eyes
on canvas
like I had known them
my entire life

I drew your heart
closer to mine
beating rhythmically
as if we were one

september two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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9 thoughts on “your poem

  1. really lovely..a nice poem

  2. Majda Gilding on said:

    Matthew, you have outdone yourself! One thing:I find it a bit hard to get used to your way of saying ‘poem’ ( Iwould stress both vowels equally). it really is beautiful. It seems directed at the listener, which is its forte. So can I share it with friends?

    Look forward to more.

    PS: it’s still morning but the roofer have been hammering and drilling above our heads for ages- and weeks; so what a pleasant elixir a poem can be.


  3. A very impressive, great poem.

  4. Matthew Hey, I hope you will like it that I shared your poem on LinkedIn- down to and including your date&copyright.
    Please tell me how you feel about this.

    I suppose your circle of fans just gets bigger every day!



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