poetry by j matthew waters

when the lion awakens from within

so much dark emotion lives
deep within us
locked away from centuries past
idling by and unafraid
able to unleash itself
most unexpectedly

almost anything can spark
its wickedness
awakening from dormancy
and revealing bloody secrets
only unknown ancestors
ever knew subsisted

like a lion suddenly enraged
you rush from out of the bushes
rip apart the innocent lamb
quietly devouring
any remnant of yourself

june two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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20 thoughts on “when the lion awakens from within

  1. OK….wow….very disturbing and dark images … love the final stanza… and again…wow. K

  2. You have entered a scary place here – – –

  3. You have brought out the darkness brooding in a mind very well

  4. It’s good to recognize that part of ourselves. And the beauty is that, once we’ve devoured to our ego’s content, there’s still some space left for forgiveness and beginning again

  5. I love that last stanza, so beautiful.


  6. I think this is wonderfully honest and true – the shadowed part of ourselves that it is up to each of us to both recognize and control. Well done.

  7. I like how the poem defines the darkness lurking beneath the surface…we each have a dark side and a light side…it is the duality of our nature. And who know what will awaken the sleeping lion.

  8. Very powerful poem. It stirred much emotion in me..

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  10. monocochlearmutineer on said:

    Very nice work

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