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Black lights & opium dens

Somewhere along the line you
lost the anger
that which had defined you
for far too many years
inherited no doubt from both
sides of the family
like a metamorphic rock with a
deep cut that may never go away

But somehow anger left you
as if you had some sort of
spectacular surgery
or perhaps due to recent vaccinations
now toying with your DNA
like a genius child does
maskless & sublimely suggesting
next up is a trip to the moon

august two thousand twenty-one
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved


there is anger in your voice
out of nowhere it reappears
a burst of emotion
intense but short-lived
like an exploding firework

it resolves itself
without any explanation
an inner code
hidden but passed on
by someone you likely
have never known

there is much research
yet to be done
and so you retreat
back to solitary confinement
to your white chalk & blackboard

december two thousand twenty
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

accessory after the fact

what am I supposed to do
once I lose the anger
he asked me
going on to say the anger was his
only true passion
that if he loses it won’t he lose his reason
for living

I propositioned that what he was asking
was nothing but
mere rhetorical questioning
but he had no idea what that meant
just as he had no idea
why he was living with such anger

you see I went on to say
your anger has been your best friend
all these years
but we both know best friends
can’t possibly last forever
one day each of you
will have to go your separate ways

he closed his eyes and lifted his chin
breathing in through his nose
and out through his mouth

eventually he responded by saying
I think I’m starting to understand
what you’re trying to tell me

you want me to kill him don’t you

november two thousand nineteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

Beyond These Walls

This strange new world has me abounded by fear
not sure where I stand
unsure when I may fall

The aggression builds boundlessly
until the anger lets loose

And when it’s over
when I reflect on the action
when I’m all alone in my own little world

I weep
yes I weep like an angel

Since when do actions speak more loudly than words?
I say Jesus’ acts were more powerful than his gospel
(I keep him in my pocket, like a slug)
And when I’m sure that I can’t stand
on my own two feet
I reach for him

and weep
yes I weep like an angel

Try to believe you’re no different
than you were at the age of three
and you’re fooling yourself

Try to believe you’ve never pulled the trigger
and you’re fooling yourself

White concrete and silver steel
have never had the same meaning
as they do now

originally penned nineteen ninety-six
audio recorded june two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the treaty of good riddance

let go of the anger
leave it at the doorstep
ring the bell and run away

there is no room for it
anywhere or anymore

all it does is drag you down
leaving you
and everyone around you

let go of the anger
and reach out to someone
in need
someone you’d never thought
would need help
or someone on the other side

let go of the anger
and instead practice humility
and patience
and gratitude
start proving to yourself
you can live without it
and be someone better
than you were the day before

think of the restraints anger
puts on your life
how it prolongs your depression
and reinforces your addictions
preventing you from ever truly
enjoying the benefits of positivity
hospitality and endless creativity

think about it
think about how losing your anger
would be the best thing the world
would ever know

food will taste better
the air will smell sweeter
and those streaks of light
racing through the sky
will be nothing but beautifully peaceful

january two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

when the lion awakens from within

so much dark emotion lives
deep within us
locked away from centuries past
idling by and unafraid
able to unleash itself
most unexpectedly

almost anything can spark
its wickedness
awakening from dormancy
and revealing bloody secrets
only unknown ancestors
ever knew subsisted

like a lion suddenly enraged
you rush from out of the bushes
rip apart the innocent lamb
quietly devouring
any remnant of yourself

june two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

listen up

she’d been crying
but that was nothing new
nothing a few drinks couldn’t fix

she adjusted herself on the park bench
stretched her neck and
crossed her legs
eyes clearing and focusing
on all the people walking by

if only i could warn others about him
she mumbled
there wouldn’t be a next victim
and his toxicity
would just drain away
like a dead car battery

if only i could tell others
to run the other way
if they ever encounter
this monster
they would never know
how he’s destroyed a few homes
and brags about sleeping
with married women

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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