poetry by j matthew waters

down with the darkness

she boarded a passenger
train in philadelphia
red paisley scarf
complementing her emerald eyes
and covering her auburn hair
matching bag in left hand
one-way ticket in right

strolling from car to car
she drifted as if on air
pausing occasionally at an
unoccupied window seat
darting her eyes upward
at the silvery new moon
chasing the midday sun

some ninety minutes later
she found herself transported
outside ocean city
lost in a sea of spectators
cheering nearly hysterically
as they slowly become
engulfed in total darkness

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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17 thoughts on “down with the darkness

  1. You have managed to eclipse the rest of the internet today – – – –

  2. I apologize, I thought I was already following you here. 😒

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  4. my valiant soul on said:


  5. Let us hope there is never total darkness. Unfortunately it seems the world is heading that way.

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