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back in the shack

you’ll find it in the middle of somewhere
surrounded by a fog in a field of woods
discoverable through a natural maze
filled with a variety of wildflowers

walking through the door you swear
you became someone other than yourself
and the moment you sit and open your mind
the shack is filled with a beautiful light

march two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

hopping on another plane

if I was any more aware I’d be dead
she said
lying face down
the anguish in her voice the result of my will
digging deeper into her quads

what’s that supposed to mean
I said
switching things up by slowly
massaging her thigh
locating more tissue
untouched in so many years

oh shit
she said
I felt that
oh god that feels so good

that part about the dead
I asked
what’s that all about
some sort of enlightenment

oh yes
she said
that’s exactly what it is
and if you just shut up
you just might get me there

may two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

number nine doesn’t live here

you rarely recall that night
you should have died
yet every time it surfaces
you completely understand
how kissing the world goodbye
is as simple as
landing on your feet

you imagine you were born
a feline with siamese blood
running through your veins
a cool cat who’s been
around the block six or seven
or eight times
but certainly not nine

crouched behind a waning moon
you patiently wait for hope to rise
above the horizon
feeding your mind with
giving you courage to carry on
yet another day

december two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

there is nothing holy in hypocrisy

why have all the scholars
and scribes and high priests
why have they sealed up the
words of the prophecy
exposing their selfishness
and secrecy for all to see

I have scaled the city walls
and found a new world
where the seeds of truth
sprout from my cupped hands
and water flows like a fountain
deep within the desert

june two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

breaking the silence

it was the silence he said
that rocked his world
giving him thoughtful insight
into the universe

i thought that sounded nice
so i ordered another round
and asked him to feed me more

he said god would visit him often
while fishing the deep pools
lock and dam fourteen created
near the banks of the mississippi

it was there when the whole world
slept that catfish after catfish
struck his line
breaking the silence
and exorcising
the demons
planted inside him centuries ago
by a paranoid church and state

i leaned back in the barstool
and nodded my head
drawing smoke to my lungs
curiously asking him
about the bait he used
as the bartender yelled
‘last call’

december two thousand twelve
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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