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violent was the well lit night

shots were fired overnight
like thunder and lightning
and then the rains fell
two point seven inches in all

young man staggers in
and out of shadows
low-beam street lamp
revealing bullet proof vest

sirens and flashing lights
blend in with nature
weaving through alleys
baby glocks and berettas
systematically revolving around
unrecycled neighborhoods

lights flicker off and on
frightened eyes peeking
through shadeless windows
chalk outlines on sidewalks
washed away before
cleaning crews ever arrive

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the scourge next door

when a rabbit moved in next door
and started posting personal ads
about wanting to have kits
i just knew it was time to move on

i didn’t want to meet him
so i stayed inside
and instead spied
through various windows
up and down the split foyer

his mail order bride
arrived via yellow cab
and sauntered up the walk
leading to the front door
confetti raining down
from a second story dormer

it doesn’t take long
for the little ones to mature
once born into their
new home blind and naked
and helpless
and before you know it
babies are hopping everywhere
and not any backyard fence
will keep them at bay

years after getting the hell out of there
i heard it didn’t take much longer
before the entire neighborhood
evolved into a gangland
patrolled by killer bunnies

february two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

peace process

it’s too complicated
all these thoughts running
through the streets
without supervision
with blades strapped to ankles
and an arsenal of firearms
lining your inner pockets

forget the wars a half a world
away the one right here
is about to steal your freedom
unless you get off
your lazy ass and figure out
how to save yourself
before you’re blown away

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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