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out on their own

you see them often from all kinds of angles
there right in front of you
real life people dying on real life stages
up close and in your face
in color and featured on screens of any size
delivered to the comfort of your own home
or wherever you may be roaming

though they may look like you
may have your eyes or nose or cheekbone
they don’t share your problems
their predicaments are nothing but a distraction
or occasionally interesting
like a saturday morning wildlife show
where all the creatures of the world
figure everything out on their own

march two thousand fifteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

the day of the sentencing

he was so polite
he said yes ma’am
and no thank you
even asking permission
to use the bathroom

while he was away
everyone agreed
something terribly
went haywire upstairs
while everyone else
stood by fast asleep

march two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

peace process

it’s too complicated
all these thoughts running
through the streets
without supervision
with blades strapped to ankles
and an arsenal of firearms
lining your inner pockets

forget the wars a half a world
away the one right here
is about to steal your freedom
unless you get off
your lazy ass and figure out
how to save yourself
before you’re blown away

january two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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