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violent was the well lit night

shots were fired overnight
like thunder and lightning
and then the rains fell
two point seven inches in all

young man staggers in
and out of shadows
low-beam street lamp
revealing bullet proof vest

sirens and flashing lights
blend in with nature
weaving through alleys
baby glocks and berettas
systematically revolving around
unrecycled neighborhoods

lights flicker off and on
frightened eyes peeking
through shadeless windows
chalk outlines on sidewalks
washed away before
cleaning crews ever arrive

july two thousand sixteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

who’ll stop the charade

there is a storm brewing
simmering in a big black pot
stirred by faceless warlords
pretending life
doesn’t matter much

high winds blow madness
into the next town
precisely honed strikes
wiping out historic deception
as new chief lays down
new laws

war drums beat relentlessly
inside children’s dreams
bringing showers
to the desert and
drought to the streams
turning camels into arks and
temples into zoos

from the beginning we are told
there is no time to write home
there is only more life
and more land
to claim for our own

october two thousand fourteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

never-ending is the night

visions arrive in feverish shapes
testing my sanity
in a darkness protected from a
cold november rain

flashes of restlessness appear
out of no where
reminding me of a dogged past
certain to hound me again

voiceless visitors with a certain
je ne sais quoi
talk me into believing
this night will never end

november two thousand thirteen
copyright j matthew waters
all rights reserved

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